Carrie Stevens

carrie-handshotCarrie Stevens is a graduate of the New England Academy of Therapeutic Sciences. She is a licensed and nationally certified massage therapist who works closely with athletes from various sports, with an emphasis on runners and yoga practitioners. She has honed her massage techniques to address the specific needs of those unique populations. Carrie also has an extensive background in Myofascial Massage, Neuromuscular Massage, Pregnancy Massage and Heated Stone Massage. Her knowledge and experience allow her to be flexible and creative when it comes to meeting clients’ individual needs.

“I love my job because everyday I get to make someone’s day better. I like helping people with their pain, be it from stress at work, a hard run last weekend, or a bad accident five years ago. I do it for the love of humans and in the interest of making this world a better place for each of them one hour at a time.”

-Carrie Stevens